Thursday, May 21, 2009

News - Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Damn Aceman, you're a genius!"

- Adam Carolla always used to make the point that cities in California needed to be numbered, as opposed to named, with the best receiving low numbers. This story makes the point perfectly clear, as 147 members of a Latino gang were charged in connection with trying to force African-Americans out of... Hawaiian Gardens. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Yet it is apparently a shithole just north of the also improperly named Long Beach. If you want more funny from Adam, he has his own podcast now, webpage here.

Writing for the Los Angeles Times must be infuriating. On one hand, you have a good investigative story about 147 gang members arrested. On the other, you have Bill Maher contributing vitrolic attacks on the governon, Arnold Scjhalkjhsdfnsdaf.

- In stripper news, this story from Colorado Springs is absolutely insane. I was making a WTF face, if such a thing exists, the entire time I was reading it. And spoiler alert: For strippers, surprisingly disappointing photo. The article itself isn't that insightful, though; mostly a glossy, non-probing (pun intended) profile.

Strippers are always kind of disappointing when you actually see photos, which is why I've never been to a strip club, or really that interested going. Between these photos (SFW) of some Chicago hopefuls, and David Alan Grier's story about having one that had been stabbed seven times, the luster is off the proverbial stripper pole for me.

- Normally when I do these sort of entries, I'll look for bizarre news by inputting random words into Google News. One word never, ever disappoints: chainsaw. In Oklahoma, a fight broke out between two groups after some beer was reported missing from a car. And you can bet your sweet ass that a chainsaw was involved. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any follow-up on the fight. Any follow-up, yet. I'll definitely be scouring for updates on it.

- Slate's TV reporter backs up Jimmy Kimmel, saying that he always mocks ABC at the upfronts. It's a good article overall about ABC's presentation, and some of the shows - V, Flash Forward - sound interesting. By the way, I highly recommend all of Troy Patterson's work; I love his television criticism. He seems more in-touch and even-handed than Slate's movie critic, Dana Stevens, who acts like she's too cool for school in most of her reviews. I also like their advice columnist, who normally has sane takes on seemingly insane situations.

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