Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where is Demi?

Apparently, Ashton had enough free time after a Nikon commercial to say "hi" to Demi.

The title of this post is what I constantly think when I see these stupid Ashton Kutcher commercials with him pimping out the Nikon cameras. (If you absolutely must see these insipid spots, then click here for an example, but honestly, please don't feed the animals.) All the commercials feature a "hey look at me, I'm so clever!" Ashton taking photos of hot chicks, which begs the question posed by the title of this post.

It would be one thing if Demi Moore had turned into some hag, but speaking solely for myself here, she is still a fox at 46. (Ashton is 31, by the way, which is a lot older than I would have guessed.) They are still married, at least this week. If you're coming home to Demi Moore, do you really need to be talking photos of all these other dames? Like, really? It seems somewhat unbelievable to me.

And again, referencing the title of this post, Demi Moore's appearance would actually make these commercials somewhat cute. Suddenly, she pops out of nowhere to see Ashton pulling this S, and he makes some weird, goofy expression that Kelso from That 70s Show would. That's the Ashton Kutcher I want, not the douchebag who photographs models.

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