Wednesday, June 3, 2009

News - Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Conan with his best character - The Pimpbot 5000

- I've mostly enjoyed the first week of Conan hosting The Tonight Show, like every other blogger on the planet, it seems. I don't think anyone has fallen in love with him, but also hasn't been hideously bad. From the debut episode, I enjoyed his stint on the tour tram, but thought the monologue and initial skit thudded a bit. A retread of his initial Late Night skit would have been funnier, in my opinion. (In that one, tons of people asked Conan how he was going to replace Letterman, and he hung himself at the end... Funnier than it sounds, trust me.)

Also, as I pointed out on my Twitter, Conan drives a Porsche. Then again, Conan mocks Twitter, which I enjoy, since I just reluctantly got one myself.

- I don't exactly understand the hoopla about all the dealerships being closed. Where I live, in the thriving metropolis of southern Rhode Island, I can think of at least six dealerships within 20 minutes driving range. Isn't that enough? Plus there is now things like Auto Trader online, and a couple free weekly car-selling periodicals that I always see in stores.

- While not exactly chainsaw-related news, they did recover a couple in Michigan after a traffic stop led to a house raid that led to more than $7,500 in tools and lawncare equipment being recovered. Good times, good times. I wonder how the heck they planned to move all of that. eBay?

- I missed this wrestling-related article last week by Kevin Hench, a buddy of Bill Simmons and Adam Carolla, over on Fox Sports. I think his ending is the strongest part, as that is something Vince McMahon would definitely be willing to do at some point. McMahon and Donald Trump are good buddies, which led to their bet at Wrestlemania, which McMahon lost.

- And finally, stripper news. Brace yourself, but this story comes from... FLORIDA. Some guy got kicked in the face by a stripper (while she was dancing), and is now suing because it broke several bones in his face. Not exactly the best story to tell. "So, how'd you break your face? Let me guess; saving somebody from a burning fire, like a support beam collapsed in the house and broke your nose. Oh, no, some bimbo kicked you? Uh, nevermind then..."

In more interesting, less conventional stripper news, two have brought a federal lawsuit against a club in Minnesota for making them pay to work, in the form of booking fees and late fees. Interesting to note that the club owner is a woman, but then I noticed the next paragraph: "Susan Kladek is the wife of the club's founder, Larry Klader. He gave up ownership in December, the same month he pleaded guilty to a single count of income tax evasion."


  1. The tram skit by Conan was indeed funny. My one concern with Conan, and this is by no means an original thought, is that he is going to get dragged down to the lowest common denominator. Some of the funniest sketches on the show were his more odd ideas, like the Pimpbot. I fear that some exec is going to say, "Boy, I don't think the Pimpbot is going to go over in middle America," and force him to do some of the unfunny stuff that ended up killing Jay Leno.

    I was happy to see Andy Richter back, though. Conan has great chemistry with him, and it should help in the transition. They need to get him away from that silly podium, though.

  2. The podium does look pretty stupid for Andy.

    I think they've been giving Conan plenty of latitude so far as far as content goes. He had a lot of jokes making fun of NBC's prime time futility the other night, which Letterman always got S for when he was on Late Night. I liked tonight's main skit, with the soundstage guy.


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