Monday, October 24, 2016

YPB: Episode 078 – Civilization (1991)

This week in Your Parents Basement, we are playing for just ONE MORE TURN, we promise! From 1991, we’re playing Civilization by MicroProse (and later Firaxis and Spectrum HoloByte) for the PC and Super Nintendo. Our special guest is Amanda, Steve’s friend from his college newspaper!

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  • 0:00 – Intro, which has a moment of glory from Steve.
  • 30:45 – It’s time for another installment of Video Game Theater! This time, with music! AND EMOTION.
  • 38:00 – Emails! Who would we rather kiss?
  • 48:45 – Hoooo boy, it’s the return of… Ask the Sweet Boys.
  • 58:00 – Snifferoo. Things get SPOOKY next week, as in honor of Halloween, we’re playing one of the toughest game series of all-time!

- According to Price Charting, the Super Nintendo version of Civilization is about $20 for the loose cart, and $47 for the box and manual. The actual PC game is free on a lot of sites, and Freeciv is (as the name implies) free and awesome.

- Civilization 6 came out last week, and with that, there was a bunch of stuff out on the series. (And hey, that’s why we did the show this week too.) Brian Fung of The Washington Post scored an interview with Sid Meier. And he likes to play as the Romans.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

YPB: Vidya Game News – October 20, 2016

- Today has a crap-ton of current video game news. Nintendo says they’re releasing information on their new console, the NX, for realies this time at 10 a.m. EST. Likewise, Rockstar is releasing a trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 at 11 a.m. EST. What a time to be alive!

- From ESPN property FiveThirtyEight, the world record speedrun for Super Mario Bros. continues to go down. And hey, check out our first ever episode, which was on that game!

- has translated a really good interview with Miyamoto done by a Japanese publication. Read it here!

- Did you ever wonder to yourself: “Hey, what if the Swedish Chef loved vidya games? And then he hacked passwords for them?” Well, you’re in luck! Bisqwit has a cool video on passwords for River City Ransom on YouTube here. Listen to our past show on that game here!

- The Chicago Tribune has a review of “Merge,” which is a play about the early years of Atari.

- The Verge, via a Nintendo social media account, post a treasure trove of old systems they found in a warehouse.

- Paste’s Jason D’Aprile has a good, long interview with Rand Miller of Myst fame. Check out our Myst episode with Jovial Jackee here!

- A very British dude, Daniel Ibbertson a.k.a. Slopes Game Room, has the complete history of the Shinobi series on YouTube.

- Shining Force 2 came out for the Genesis at some point in October 1994 – the exact date is seemingly lost to time. The Shining Force series is Sega’s version of Fire Emblem, in that both tactical RPG series were ignored and not properly promoted for the longest time. And, well, Sega has kind of ignored it except for more Japanese releases.

- Konami released Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation on October 21, 1998. You can listen to the sweet baby boys and Dale talk about it here!

- Also in 1998, Xenogears came out. It tends to get a bit too much hype, but it’s still a pretty solid PSX RPG by Square. It tends to get more fame because of programming and localization issues.

- Borderlands came out for the PS3 and 360 today in 2009. The first-person shooter from Gearbox Software mixed RPG elements into a first-person shooter, and it had a distinctive art and humor style. It’s sold more than 4.5 million copies.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Steveats: Mmm… Caramel Apple Croissant Donut

Debuting a new, semi-regular feature! I tryout questionable food items so that you don’t have to in… Steveats. (Note: Title developed in about 10 seconds of brainstorming.)

I’m usually critical of fast food restaurants in this space, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when I stuff something into my mouth that isn’t disgusting. (PHRASING!) Dunkin’ Donuts can be hit or miss with its items, but its new-ish caramel apple croissant donuts are friggin’ delicious.

Unfortunately, they do count as the “premium” donuts that cost more than the regular ones, but the surcharge is worth it. It’s basically a glazed croissant donut, with a caramel drizzle, stuffed with apple pie filling. It’s simple and delicious, like most of the best fast food and snack concepts. (“Peanut butter and chocolate!” said Dr. Melvin Reese 50 years ago, I imagine.)

I do call this “newish” because Dunkin’ Donuts has had similar donuts in the past, although they weren’t executed as well. They still sell apple and spice donuts, which are cinnamon powdered shells filled with the same apple pie filling, but the cinnamon is really messy and not all that tasty. In the past, they’ve done apple pie donuts, which have a weird crust crumble on top.

This new apple croissant donut is way better than those past efforts. The next time the Pats win and you’re scooping up that 87 cent coffee, pair it with one of these delicious donuts.

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