Saturday, June 6, 2009

My 1960s and 1970s double

In high school, my friend Eric stumbled upon this album cover, Nilsson Schmilsson, from Harry Nilsson. This is notable for a reason - He looks freakishly like me when I grow my hair long and don't shave. Still, not a horrible thing to be related to a guy who hung out with John Lennon, and I kind of like his write-up on Wiki, outside of the whole hard drug usage thing. What say you, blogosphereorers?


  1. Weird! He totally does. (this is Maggie, btw. Yes, I have an internet ID on every site evar.)

  2. @Maggie: Wow, you certainly do! It is nice to know that I have the Somerville apartment demographic doubly covered now. Next stop, Cambridge and Braintree!


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