Friday, July 3, 2009

Identifying music in commercials - July 3, 2009

Sorry for the delay in updating, but the weather messing with my Internet connection, cutting into my driving range time (writing time) and just generally annoying me, I haven't written much lately. Picking at an entry or two, here and there, but not much else, unfortunately. I might have good personal news soon though, if that gets your imagination going at all. I also won this past Thursday's trivia competition at Casey's with my team - Go us!

Anyway, in lieu of a "real" entry today, I thought I'd help everyone identify some music. This one actually stumped me for a while too, but the song is "Doorway" by IO Echo. I kind of like the commercial's version a bit better - the part where she sings and the rest of the song drops out is very nice - but the original is still hauntingly good. It kind of reminds me of the Dresden Dolls a tad, but not really, or The Yeah Yeah Yeahs or The White Stripes.

Have any other music from commercials you want me to hunt down? Feel free to leave a comment. I should have a proper entry up tomorrow, which I'm sure everyone will be staying home to read, it being the Fourth of July and everything. I'll also have the usual iTunes running diary on Sunday.

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