Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let's talk about Glee – Part 2

Let's talk about where I'd like to see them take some of the plots on Glee.

- For starters, Santana and Finn should be an item. For one, I think it would be interesting. Santana is the evilest person on the show, next to Sue, so it would be nice to see her actually get into a sort of relationship. Her sass would counteract his dumb sort of aloofness.

Secondly, it's one of the few matchings that they haven't really done on the show. They hooked up briefly in the “Like A Virgin” Madonna show, but didn't actually do anything couple-ish.

And third, it gives plenty of fodder to other characters, such as Rachel and Quinn. Also, if Finn is firmly established in a relationship, it means we can all finally move on from the boring relationship storylines they currently tease with him.

- Speaking of Santana, she needs her own episode. Her and Brittney are the best “kids” on the show now, and pretty much everyone else has been explored, with maybe the exception of Mike Chang and Mercedes. Specifically, I'd like a look at her home life, since I think it'd be interesting.

- We need to stop with the Rachel-centric storylines. A little bit of Rachel goes a long way. Yes, Lea Michele has some killer pipes. However, her character doesn't have much depth at all, since she swings from boy-based neurotic fits to talent-based neurotic fits. If you can't find something else for her to do in an episode besides obsessing over a boy or who else is getting a solo, leave her on the sidelines for an episode.

- I'm OK with the “Kurt falling in love” stories for now, but honestly, his dad is a much more interesting character. Mike O'Malley is awesome. Find some way to get him involved with Kurt and his dreamy boyfriend, like having him give awkward advice to Kurt about impressing a boy.

- I'm not sure how I feel about Puck chasing after his new girl. To be honest, the whole thing feels a bit forced and over-the-top, even by Glee standards. I know some guys who like a thicker woman, but most of them were not sleeping with essentially models beforehand (Dianna Argon) and even then, it was more bubbly personality thick girls, not horrible wenches. I'm hoping the payoff with the whole angle is good, but it wouldn't surprise me if it's yet another “will they won't they?” storyline.

- And finally, Sue. Sigh. How far you've fallen! You've gone from being the show's most compelling villain to, as I allude in my previous post, the show's Wile E. Coyote. Hopefully her new role as a consultant for another glee squad lets her flaunt her villainous nature again, properly.

To me, the bigger problem is that the show hasn't properly softened her character. They take baby steps, such as having her vote for the home team glee squad, and having her have sweet relationships with her sister and Becky, and having her confront her over-aggressive mom. However, it's as if the show has amnesia about these moments, and the very next episode, she's trying to rip apart the club from the inside or faking a suicide attempt.


  1. I really do not want to see Finn & Santana together. That would NEVER work out. She's way too much of a bitch. I love her as she is.
    I want Rachel & Finn together and to just leave it at that.
    As for Puck & Lauren, it is a bit forced, but they kind of explain why Puck likes her as opposed to a more bubbly big girl, because she's more of a badass than she is. And I'm kind of glad they have this big girl that just embraces who she is and thinks she's the shit.
    The fight between her and Santana was HILARIOUS.
    And yeah, I agree they need to do better with Sue's character. Although I disagree about them not showing her softer side enough. She did stick up for Kurt when he was being bullied and did her best to help him out.
    And I totally agree that it would be hilarious having Kurt's dad giving him advice on impressing Blaine. I LOVE KURT AND BLAINE. THEY'RE MY FAVORITES.
    And Sam singing The Biebs.

  2. @ Danielle - See, she's so much of a bitch that the lackadaisical Finn would benefit by being with her. She needs someone like that, someone mellow, and not caustic like Puck.

    You just want Kurt and Blaine to go straight for you, along with Sam. I know what sort of things go on in the dark, twisted mind of Danielle Membrino.

  3. Agreed about the Puck story line. It's forced, and honestly insulting to those of us who happen to be plus sized, happy, and confident. It's so unrealistic, it almost has the opposite effect from what I'm sure is their totally well-meaning goal. The intent is there, but the execution is just cringe-worthy.

  4. @ Anne - My thoughts as well, yup!


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