Monday, March 7, 2011

Profiting off the destruction of more of my childhood

This weekend, I went to a closing / moving sale at FYE in Warwick. (It looked like it was still going on today, if anyone in Rhode Island is reading this and still interested.) I'm always filled with mixed feelings about closing sales:

1) I love all the bargains and discounts. I scooped up about 10 movies, a PS2 Game (Rogue Galaxy) and a Captain America t-shirt (pictured above) for about $60. The movies were mostly quality - Alien, Say Anything, Airheads… You know, that last one fits right in with the first two.

2) I feel somewhat nostalgic at another aspect of my childhood closing up. When I was a kid, I loved walking through the aisles and thumbing the merchandise at stores like FYE (back when it was called something else), Strawberry's, Lechmere, Circuit City, Blockbuster…

There are probably more, but heck, they're all closed. All that's left standing is Best Buy, Target and Walmart, it seems. And none of these serve as primary deliverers of content - The CDs and video games seem in there as more of an afterthought, to round out their completeness, as opposed to the vocal point.

… That Captain America shirt sure does look sweet though. I'll have to wear it as soon as I wash it.


  1. It is always sad to see a great store/business close. ...I'm totally digging that Captain America shirt!

  2. There's still plenty of FYE's open. There's a bunch in Massachusetts and there's one in Middletown on the island.
    but yay sales!

  3. @ The Empress - Thanks! And yeah, I agree with the store closing thing, obviously.

    @ Danielle - Oh, there is still an FYE in Wakefield. But the one in the Warwick was where Strawberry's used to be, and it's always been the "big" music store to me, since it has two floors.


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