Friday, June 7, 2013

"You eat a lot of dairy."

A balanced diet of yogurt, cheese and sour cream.

The latest trend with me and a small group of friends have been posting pictures of our grocery shopping trip. I’m not sure why this is so oddly fascinating to people… But then again, I find myself equally fascinated by it when other people post the results of their shopping trips. So, because I’d hate to deny y’all my latest shopping trip, you can see it to the left.

It was a pretty purposeful trip, since I’m thinking about moving out of my current apartment. As a result, I’m trying to mostly contain my buying to smaller items (yogurt), items to facilitate the emptying of my fridge and cupboards (chips for salsa, cheese for crackers), and drinks (iced tea mix, diet soda).

Yes, the shadow is me.
The only “splurging” I did was on some Havarti cheese, which I haven’t dipped into yet. However, even that was on sale at $6.99 a pound – that tends to be the entry point for non-Cabot / Cracker Barrel / store brand packaged cheese.

Obviously, I will provide the full review via Steve on Cheese when the time comes. I will say that some Gouda I bought the other week was disappointing, and I eventually just melted it down and used it to top my pasta with. Here’s hoping the Havarti fares a little bit better.

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