Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Blog Status Update #764, and a Short Movie Review

My poor Blogger blog… How I neglect you so! Even though you continue to earn me (a meager amount of) money because of past stellar posts on the 1990s hit Freshman Fall and the short-lived Jerry Springer-hosted Baggage. Like seriously – I can’t believe how often people are looking for information on those two subjects! I also really like it when someone comments on a post five years after the fact.

It’s also odd for me to read some posts that are now 5+ years old. Yikes, they ain’t great, as Shakespeare once said to Roger Bacon. However, they serve as a good reminder of how I’ve progressed, so I’m begrudgingly leaving them up. Plus, I need to keep getting’ them (meager) checks based on search engine hits.

One other housekeeping item – I’m on a movie review podcast with some random strangers I know from the Internet. If you’d like to listen, you can go here. I mostly serve as comic relief, and as a result, I say incredibly horrible things sometimes! Good times! The latest movie review I participated in was The Santa Clause, so it’s very time-sensitive. Before that, I thought the Snowpiercer and Krull shows were also really solid.

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, so I won’t resolve to update you more. However, since I do have a bit of a light schedule the next few days, the least I can do is to provide some content in these hot news days of late December and early January. Such as…

Random movie review – I saw Boogie Nights today. Yeah, it IS weird that I haven’t seen it before! I felt like I’ve seen it before, given how many references Bill Simmons makes to it. But with its weird mixture of humor, drama and smut, I can see why it is so widely celebrated. If you’re in the mood for a dramatized (maybe!) flick about the porn industry and mommy issues, with a dash of humor, it’s definitely worth checking out. (And also, there is an awesome real-life crime article it borrows from, and that article is worth reading – “The Devil and John Holmes.”)

The Boogie Nights “Dirk Diggler” image is a common screen grab floating around the Internet. The top image comes from a public domain gallery.


  1. Glad to see you blogging again Steve! Keep 'em coming, especially more book reviews! I really dug Wild and went out and bought the novel, no idea when I will get around to it though. Also catching up on past Best American Sports Writing yearly installments I believed I got clued into off here many years ago. Bough back to 2009, and am halfway through 2011 right now.

    1. Nice! Cool to hear that you like the "Best American Sports Writing" series - I usually check them out a couple years after the fact too, since the price on eBay or or Amazon will typically just be a couple bucks by then.


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