Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Inexplicable TV Review: Galavant Gala-like (still!)

So, as I was saying, Galavant is kind of an OK show, and surprisingly, it got a second season! I’m about halfway through it, but they’ve spiced things up with the addition of Clare Foster as Roberta, the redheaded love interest of (formerly) King Richard, the character played by Timothy Omundsmen. More importantly, they’ve kept in the solid anchors of the first season – Omundsmen, Mallory Jansen as the evil Queen Madalena, Karen David as the long-named Princess Isabella Maria Lucia Elizabeth of Valencia, and Vinnie Jones as a henchman.

The show was a surprise renewal, since season one of Galavant didn’t exactly set the world on fire with ratings. The debut of season one had 7.4 million viewers, but it fell to around 4.37 million for the finale. Season two was worse, with the debut doing only 3.2 million and the finale episodes – airing on Jan. 31 – only doing 2.15 million. I still have to watch them myself, since it’s a show I like to be able to devote my attention to, because of the witty wordplay and songs. (There is still a ton of singing. Tons and tons of singing.)

The second seasons started with the episode “A New Season a.k.a. Suck It Cancellation Bear.” So, by the way, I guess I’m writing in this blog again. If you’ve missed my writing, and somehow only got exposed to it on here for some reason, then you should check out Your Parents Basement, the podcast on pre-2000s video games I do with my buddies on a weekly basis. My temporary goal for 2016 is to post more entries than I did in 2015. Since that number was 3, it should be easy to surpass, but hey – crazier things have happened.

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