Friday, June 6, 2014

At The Commercials: Alison Brie Needs Paychecks Now, Damn It!

 Listen, Alison Brie, I understand that things have been tough for you the past couple of weeks. Community wasn’t renewed for a sixth season by NBC. And… Well, okay, that’s probably the only thing bad that has happened in your life lately. And even that, well, Hulu is allegedly looking into commissioning a new season.

But still. Just because you lost a paycheck, it doesn’t mean you have to jump at the first commercial your agent offered you. Adam Scott, he needs to jump at whatever he gets. Alison, you can hold out for better. (Although, looking at your filmography, I’m worried about what your agent is doing anyway beyond Community and Mad Men. Get Hard will hopefully make a billion dollars, since it has Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, but still. A Kevin Hart movie can go south pretty, pretty, pretty quick, and that is a horrible name for a non-pornographic film.)

On the plus side though, you will always have this collection of sexy GIFs. Nobody can ever take that away from you.

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