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Inexplicable Gilmore Girls Revival Review: Fall (4 of 4)

Warning: Spoilers follow for the fourth episode of the Gilmore Girls revival. And the picture of Lorelai in a wedding dress comes from this cheeky article on the Martha Stewart Weddings website.

Despite some trepidation about the series as a whole, and lowered expectations because of how godawful the third episode was, the Gilmore Girls Revival finale, “Fall,” mainly manages to stick the landing.

Things rebound quickly for the low, low, lowwwww of episode three, which saw Lorelai leaving Stars Hollow behind to go WILD. That was laughable, and thankfully, it’s abandoned after about 10 minutes, as she realizes 1) she absolutely doesn’t have the skills to survive in the wild and 2) she’s not actually heartbroken, like the other women hitting the trail. (This portion of the show apparently has cameos from Lauren Graham’s other show, Parenthood, and her lover, but I never watched it and thus was in the dark about this aspect.)

After Lorelai gets her groove back by going WILD with the secret power of the help, or something to that effect, she quickly mends things with Luke. And they finnaaaalllllly set a wedding date, and then, get married. Huzzah! Their eloping is sweet, although, somewhat annoying. There is a storyline justification for it, but it also felt like they couldn’t possibly get everyone together to film things, so this was a good way to sidestep that issue.

And oh yeah – Rory is still awful. The big shocker at the end of the revival is that she’s pregnant. The show ends at that point, so it’s unclear for the father is. The odds-on favorite would be Logan, with smaller odds on Jess or Paul, since we never actually see Rory coitus the latter two.

Karen smartly pointed out that the show subtly foreshadows her pregnancy announcement at the end. We think that we finally get a Christopher cameo because Rory is interviewing him for the book project, not because she’s gauging her ability to raise a baby on her own. (Although, to be fair, it’s hard to imagine that Emily and Lorelai wouldn’t have a substantial hand to play in this.)

Oh, and also, Sookie finally comes back! It’s clear they only got Melissa McCarthy for one scene, because she is a Bright Shining Star now. Still, it was good to see her. She’s gotten substantially better as an actress, too, if you compare her work in “Fall” to her other appearances in previous seasons.

Other thoughts on the “Fall” episode:

- Emily is straight up baller. Unlike Lorelai, who kind of gets her groove back in a lame way, Emily is a total boss. She kicks out the weird and mooching post-Richard boyfriend, she gives the DAR the high-hat, and she’s using her Smith-earned history degree to lecture about whales.

- I’m glad Dean is doing well, even if he hasn’t been brought to justice yet for the diabolical murder of Lindsay Lister. We do not see Dean’s sassy little sister, which is a little disappointing.

- I’m ultimately on Team Logan when it comes to who Rory should end up with. Not because I think he’s better than Jess, but because Rory is so awful, she doesn’t deserve Jess. Rory ultimately decides to cut Logan out of her child’s life completely, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, and I can’t blame her.

We get yet another Life and Death Brigade thing, and they’re still fucking awful. All of these people are now in their 30s, and they’re still acting like petulant children. Arrested development, the concept, as opposed to the wonderful show. Logan seems to be friends with all of these people still – and hey, also conceiving a baby in a cheating relationship – so, okay, cut him out.

- Gilmore Girls is the name of the show and the name of Rory’s manuscript! Ha ha ha! It was nice of Lorelai to sign off on Rory’s work, but meh, I’m still of the mindset that she didn’t have to at all.

- Lorelai’s money management skills remain awful. She just ditches all the camping equipment on the side of the road! She couldn’t return any of it?!? And she basically just dropped everything to go to the West Coast, booking a plane and renting a car while out there. The finances of the Revival and the show itself never really made sense though.

Future scheduling stuff: I’m still on a partial writing schedule, because I just moved into a new place with Karen, and I should really be unpacking things and listing old crap on eBay instead of writing about Gilmore Girls and other things. But, I’ll have one more entry on Gilmore Girls odds and ends, and hopefully a Steveats next week.

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