Tuesday, August 4, 2009

At The Commercials: Creepy ghost in Palm Pre commercial

I really dislike this super-pale girl in the new Palm Pre commercials. She is so pale that she actually looks like she is glowing; it's kind of like how white stars are actually the hottest and brightest, as opposed to the burning, flaming red ones that you would think are the hottest. She literally looks like a ghost. So far, there is one guy on the Internetz who seemingly likes the commercial.

According to the YouTube video, linked here in case you can't see the embedded video, the super-pale actress Tamara Hope, who has mostly made her mark on Canadian television. I normally stick up for the Canadians, since I love Strange Brew and Kids in the Hall and Mike Myers, but this ghostly girl is simply inexcusable.

The odd thing is that Tamara is pretty decent look in other photos [right]. She is still pale, but not freakishly so, although she still seems a bit stuck in the Melissa Joan Hart, “I'm playing young characters” look. From looking her up on Google Images, you'd never know that she was born in 1984, and is only a couple months younger than I am, and I already look a bit baby faced.

And as an accounting note, I've decided to call these posts commenting on commercials, At The Commercials, as a take on Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel's old show, At The Movies. It was one of my favorite shows growing up as a kid, which is a bit odd, but makes sense now. I still like Roger Ebert a lot, and read all of his reviews, even on movies I have no interest in seeing. He is such a skilled writer that I'm always interested anyway.


  1. I actually haven't seen this commercial yet, I don't think. But I've heard from a few peeps that it's quite creepy. Maybe I should remain ignorant for as long as I can and not watch it.

    The Baskin-Robbins "Ice Cream Cake" one is pretty hard to beat. You should look it up on YouTube, watch it a few dozen times, then do a review.

  2. Oddly, the ice cream cake rapper sounds kind of like Eminem to me, if it is the commercial I'm thinking of. It would be cool if it was actually him, but I doubt it is.

    My next target will probably be the Cox "bundle" commercials. Not sure if you have them there.


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