Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The chaos Law and Order inflicts on my life

Carmichael and Borgia - Good times, good times.

Law and Order is too good sometimes, which is more of a problem than you would think. I'm not alone in saying this, I'm sure, but once I start watching an episode, I almost always have to watch it to the end. It matters little who the cast is made up of; all the episodes are great.

(For the record though, my all-star lineup would be Ben Stone, Abbie Carmichael or Borgia, and Briscoe and Green. I preferred Stone's somewhat snide, even temperament to McCoy's bluster, Abbie and Borgia are stone cold foxes who are still good actresses, and the Briscoe-Green duo was by far the best the show ever had.)

The issue is that once I start watching an episode, I almost always have to finish. I've been late for countless things because I've just HAD to see how a certain episode finishes. The problem is compounded for Criminal Intent, my favorite of the Law and Order spin-offs, but even Special Victims Unit, my least favorite, can ensnare my attention at times.

And the worst thing is when you're watching the first half of a Law and Order, and following along intently, in rapt attention, on the edge of your seat... And then within 30 seconds of a scene starting, you realize you caught the last 30 minutes of this episode at a previous point, so now you have to find something else to watch for the last 30 minutes, until the next episode comes on. aaaahhhhhh.

I'm still waiting for a 24-hour Law and Order network, because 1) there are enough episodes to do it and 2) I think others are as obsessed with the show as I am. Heck, if you needed to fill out the programming schedule, throw in some shows that are like Law and Order without quite being it. Like detective shows! Matlock and Columbo would be great on my Law and Order channel. I realize there is a “mystery” channel that has Matlock on it already, but the rest of its offerings are things like Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder, the sub par mystery shows.

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