Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Steveats: BK finally hits orange gold with Cheetos

Debuting a new, semi-regular feature! I tryout questionable food items so that you don’t have to in… Steveats. (Note: Title developed in about 10 seconds of brainstorming.)

It only took Burger more than a year of disgusting tinkering, but they finally stumbled upon a golden vein of fast food deliciousness, thanks to stealing / borrowing concepts from other disgusting food companies. The Mac n’ Cheetos are pretty friggin’ delicious and exactly what you’d expect.

I’m not even someone who enjoys Cheetos, but I’ll admit
that I came into this item with high hopes because it’s basically copying the format from the Taco Bell and Doritos mash-ups. I don’t really like Doritos either, but the Cool Ranch taco shell offerings at Taco Bell are excellent “fuck it, I’m hungry and want something bad for me” foods.

Likewise, the Mac n’ Cheetos just use the snack item as a thin crust for the macaroni and cheese. According to the Burger King website, they’re put into the fryer, but the bites didn’t really taste all that deep fried to me. They are also not nearly as gooey and creamy as the promo pictures would
have you believe, but in actuality, this is a good thing, because it makes them way more edible.

Let me be clear – These aren’t the next great fast food item. You only get five of them for $2.50ish, and they’re strictly a side item, as they wouldn’t let me add fries and a drink. However, they’re pretty perfect as Drunk Food, or as the proverbial Extra Item when getting a value meal, and you feel the need to make sure your stomach REALLY hates you the next day.

This is supposed to be a limited time item, but much like the Doritos-Taco Bell tacos, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Mac n’ Cheetos stays on the menu permanently. They’re also “only” 310
calories, according to the Burger King menu item info, so it won’t completely tank your calorie intake for the day to give them a try. Again though, this is probably something that you’ll know you’ll like or hate just from the name and description.

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