Friday, October 1, 2010

Community: Now the best show on television.

I painted a tunnel on the side of the
library. When it dries, I'm going to try it.

The above is second favorite line from last night's Community. The best line? After Annie (Alison Brie, right) complains about how it sucks to always be the physical bait in all of their plots, she storms off. Abed says he didn't hear what she was saying. Troy says, "All I heard was suck." So good.

The actual plot of the episode is somewhat secondary to all of the awesome lines and moments. But it does have good cameos by Drew Carey (as the boss of Jeff's old law firm) and Rob Corddry (as the greasy partner who actually got Jeff fired). Shirley and Pierce are mostly secondary characters, and the secondary storyline is funny. It involves Senor Chang trying to win a pop-and-lockathon in order to gain entrance into the group. Oh, and Dean Pelton is doing his normal ridiculous boosting for the university.

Troy also had some other great moments, like when the security guard catches him and Abed going on a lawyer's computer, and Annie chloroforms him. This causes all three of them to freak out hilariously:

Troy says, "Ahhhh, I don't know what to do, my whole brain is crying!"

Other great lines? From Jeff, "Shirley, don't sue a stripper. Life sued her, and she lost." And also, "Pierce, do I even have to say it? It's bad to hunt man for sport."

Basically, if you like snappy, funny comedies, then you need to dump The Office and start watching Community. The early second season episodes don't rely on any previous knowledge of the show, so just start doing it.

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