Friday, April 8, 2016

Inexplicable Movie Review – Mad Max: Fury Road (is good)

Just in case you were waiting for my deep thoughts on it – The newest Mad Max movie, Fury Road, is fantastic! I mean, you might realize this already, since it won like a bunch of Oscars and stuff. But the weird, dystopian future and the outback desert combine to make for a sometimes eerie, sometimes picturesque setting.

It also helps that the action of the movie is batshit crazy. I was watching it with someone else, and she had a problem with the logical inconsistencies of the movie, of which there are many. Meaning: If you’re going into this movie blind, then it’s even more bizarre, since you don’t realize what you’re in store for. There also isn’t rhyme or reason as to how things like gasoline have survived – it expires in the real world – but every god damn plant is seemingly gone, except the tiny bit in the greenhouse.

However, if you’re able to put aside the logic, it’s definitely the best movie with flamethrower guitars, one-armed shotgunners and water resource wars. Charlize Theron is completely badass, the Wife Posse is oddly developed in a minimalist way, and the male lead – Tom Hardy – grunts enough to be mysterious and interesting.

Fury Road was probably my second-favorite movie from 2016, behind only The Force Awakens. Caveat: The only other 2016 movie I saw was Avengers 2: The Money Grab, which was basically the film equivalent of a sugar high. So, Fury Road was definitely the “best” movie I saw, but it’s so grim that I’d much rather see The Force Awakens again over it.

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