Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Inexplicable TV Review: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Season Two

Season two trailer image.

Warning: Spoilers follow for seasons one and two of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Another week, another Netflix binge session thanks to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, although this will probably be the last one until the fall, when more Marvel TV comes out. Let me give Netflix enthusiastic “kudos!” though for airing UKS, which is now probably my favorite half-hour sitcom airing.

In season two, UKS isn’t really doing anything all that new. It’s more of Kimmy adjusting to “modern” life after being trapped in a bunker for a decade or so. However, the second season does a better job of making Titus seem like an actual human being, plus, focusing more on the good side characters (Carol Kane, absolutely going beast mode this season) and less on the bad (thank god there was farrrr less of Dong). Also, Jane Krakowski is still incredible.

The second season also absolutely nails one aspect – guest stars, whether in for one-shots or recurring. The best recurring character, obviously, is Tina Fey as a Jekyll-and-Hyde therapist, depending on her intoxication level. She’s in about half the episodes, and will hopefully be back in future seasons, thanks to her being one of the show’s creators. Joshua Jackson is also good in a one-shot appearance as a store clerk.

However, the greatest impact comes from a character who’s only in the final episode. Because it’s a super spoiler, let me cover it up with a different font color. Highlight to read: Lisa Kudrow just flat out kills it as Kimmy Schmidt’s mom. She’s been awesome on a slew of late night talk show appearances ever since Friends finished, but I wasn’t ever that interested in things like The Comeback. So, it was awesome to see her in this role, and it was pretty much perfect casting.

Anyway! Season three can’t come soon enough. I’m hoping they shift completely away from any Dong storylines, and just find a somewhat decent guy for Kimmy. (Or hey, failing that, it could just be a fun sitcom without any focus on dating!) If you’re tired of all of the heavy, drama-filled stuff on Netflix, definitely binge your way through UKS.

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