Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Steveats: BK Philly Cheeseburger, a.k.a. SERIOUSLY BK DO WE NEED TO TALK?!?

Debuting a new, semi-regular feature! I tryout questionable food items so that you don’t have to in… Steveats. (Note: Title developed in about 10 seconds of brainstorming.)

Burger King seems officially off the rails.

Now, the Angriest Whopper (previous review) is one thing. It’s kind of stupid, but the gimmicky bun and people’s desire to subject their bowels regularly to intense, scorching trial by fire is a real thing. Pretty much every fast food place now has a “spicy” burger and chicken sandwich.

What most fast food places don’t have is a Philly cheesesteak, and after looking at and trying Burger King’s, blech, I know why. Look at those photos! They basically just slathered some liquid, vaugely cheesy sauce on top of two burgers, covered them with cheese and limp onions, and then slapped them on one of the original chicken sandwich buns.

It’s pretty much the laziest thing they could have done. Hell, just take the extra 10 seconds to chop up your hamburger product after it’s cooked, and at least that would feel slightly more Philly cheesesteak-ish. And even if you aren’t going to chop it up, how about just getting an actual extra-long hamburger, instead of just slapping two patties down there? On the plus side, this sandwich cost “only” $2.99, although for a comparison price point, a double cheeseburger at BK is about $1.59. So, it’s an extra $1.40 for some more bread, bad onions and a cheese sauce. Blaahhhh.

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  1. Steve, you're so..angry....curse you vile BK food for ruining Steve's spirits on this day!


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