Thursday, October 6, 2016

Inexplicable TV Review: Luke’s coffee and LATER Max Medina!

Warning: Spoilers follow for some episodes of the hit new original show Gilmore Girls, specifically the start of season two.

So! Tuesday, I briefly mentioned that Luke’s pop-ups were opening today across the U.S. Two were in Providence, where I was Wednesday morning, although the line looked imposing from a Facebook Live look-in at one. Thankfully though, the line wasn’t so long at LaSalle Bakery, and you can see some of my Instagrams from the place here.

The free coffee was pretty good, and I had an apple turnover, which was also delicious. The promotion had three aspects – Some signage at the restaurant, cup sleeves with the logo for the new series, and a quote from Gilmore Girls on the cup. Apparently, there were a bunch of different quotes on different cups, and I didn’t even notice until a friend pointed it out. And by the way, I forgot to link to the Stars Hollow website yesterday.

Beyond fun promotional tie-ins, I have watched the first nine episodes of season two. Not in one day – It was like three days, over the weekend, you know. That’s much more respectable. Thoughts!

- Max Medina is pretty much the worst, and I’m glad Lorelai dumped him. I finally figured out what my issue with him is. There is a sort of antagonism behind a lot of his dialogue, and unless they cut a bunch of his scenes, he just seems a tiny bit mean to me at times. I also think that he’s supposed to be in his thirties, possibly even his early forties, but his emotional maturity doesn’t ring true. Then again, maybe that’s why he’s single. Lorelai has similar maturity issues, but we get enough of her backstory over the course of the first season to know why.

- Emily Gilmore is straight-up baller still. We haven’t seen as much of Richard this season, but between the fashion show and the Rory pageant episode, Kelly Bishop gets some standout moments. They also don’t completely abandon her torn feelings about Lorelai raising Rory completely away from her for 16 years, when a lot of other, worse shows would steer away.

- I’m already cringing at the idea of a Dean-Jess-Rory love triangle. Dean is kind of a dud to me, but at least he’s not a Holden Caulfield Troubled Loner clone. Which, by the way, Jess so obviously is, Rory already made a joke about it! Just, blah. Rory can do better than both of them.

- I’m not sad to see Tristen go. He was always a bit… rape-y, for my taste. He leaves abruptly at the end of the play episode in season two, which leads to Paris playing Romeo, with great aplomb. Wikipedia tells me it’s because he was cast in One True Hill, so, good for him. I imagine Jess gets involved in the show because Tristen had to leave, and they had to create that Bad Boy character for Rory to get interested in.

- Sooki and Lorelai have a fight, which is resolved by the end of the episode, in true TV fashion. It was annoying to see them fight, since it felt like a Typical TV Convention that the show usually tries to avoid.

- Everything to do with Stars Hollow is still horrible.

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