Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Inexplicable Gilmore Girls Review: Comings and Goings to Start Season Four

I never remember her name, but Tanna is my fave minor S4 role.

Warning: Spoilers follow for episodes 1 through 6 for season four of Gilmore Girls, although I have watched half of the season as of this writing.

Season four of the ole Gilmore Girls begins with some bombshells. First, we yada yada past all of the gals’ European vacation and start with them returning to the states. But somewhat surprisingly, Rory wrote down the wrong date for when she was starting Yale! Oh no! (By the way, this is RIDICULOUS. Even I knew what day I was starting college, and I was about 1/100th the student Rory Gilmore is.)

So, it’s a mad scramble by her and Lorelai to get ready for that first day. They make it, but not without psychologically torturing Luke some more, by repeatedly borrowing his truck even though it’s implied Lorelai can’t drive a stick. Lorelai and Luke later have an incredibly awkward movie night that strictly has “no touching!” like a god damn Arrested Development scene. Oh, and by the way, they didn't get the guy a gift even though he's probably done $5,000 worth of free repair work over the years at their home.

Also, spoiler alert – Lorelai goes on a shopping spree for Rory’s dorm room, and then buys her a bunch of takeout food when she’s feeling homesick. This will surprise all of y’all, but later in the season, Lorelai has money troubles! Shocking! As Karen noted while we were watching in earlier seasons, there is a bit of Sex and the City going on in the show, in that the characters are either frivolous with money or there usually isn’t an acknowledgement of how expensive things are.

However, that’ll be an issue later in the season. For now, the most ridiculous thing in the first six episodes is Rory being invited to Dean’s wedding! Dean is sometimes portrayed as being clueless, and when he gets wasted, he’s openly pining for Rory. But I think even he’s not so dense as to realize that inviting his most recent ex-girlfriend to his wedding is a poor idea. Then again, he is one of history’s greatest monsters.

The most surprising thing in the first six is not Paris Gellar being Rory’s roommate. I mean, Paris is straight fire, so they couldn’t cut her from the show, and it’s easy to figure that out once you see Rory moving in. Rory’s initials are on the door, along with PG, so I knew right away that Paris was going to be there.

No, it’s surprising that Paris is making time with an old man! It’s Michael York, a.k.a. Professor Asher Fleming. However, I know him much better from two vastly different roles – Basil Exposition from the Austin Powers films, and a creepy socialite serial killer Bernard Fremont from Law and Order: Criminal Intent. An aside – York’s portrayal of Fremont in “Slither” is probably one of the most famous Criminal Intent episode, and I had no idea it was based on a real guy. Yikes.

By the way, I like Rory’s other two roommates. Female Doogie Howser (Tanna) and Super Athlete (don't actually remember her name) are both interesting, but still nerdy contrasts, from Rory and Paris. I mean, they all go to Yale still. I do think that’s one aspect the show gets correct, is that everyone at college is actually kind of nerdy and socially awkward. Unsurprisingly, Rory seems way more popular at college than she ever did at Chilton or with the kids of Stars Hollow. (And, fun fact: Tanna is actually a year older than me in real life.)

Anyway, because I have watched a bunch of season four episodes already, some storylines are blurring in my head. Also, I have the knowledge that some things aren’t a big deal – like Rory’s bad date with a classmate – and some things are – like Sooki being too obsessed with her baby and not helping with the inn. I’ll get into those things more in my next entry though, which will (likely!) be tomorrow.

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