Friday, January 6, 2017

Inexplicable Gilmore Girls Review: Rory, Lorelai can’t have nice things

Jan from The Office, playing psychologist!

Warning: Spoilers follow for episodes 17 through the end of season six of Gilmore Girls.

If Gilmore Girls was a better show, I might think that it was trying to make a poignant, subtle comparison between the relationships of Lorelai and Rory. Because Lorelai has trouble having stable male relationships, it’s not entirely surprising that Rory is also self-destructive in her relationships, whether it’s going after a married dude (Dean), or the loner (Jess), or guy who ignores her all the time and gets hospitalized with stunts (Logan).

But, well, I don’t really think that the writers are trying to do this. It just feels like the normal “TV drama” rollercoaster, instead of a tightly designed story arc. In the sixth season, Logan and Rory get together and break-up and treat each other horribly. The season ends with Lorelai pressing Luke on the engagement, and then when Luke justifiably says he needs more time to bond with his Secret Daughter, Lorelai ends up spending the night with Christopher.

There is some blame to be assigned to Luke on this. He did drag his feet on rescheduling the wedding, and his Secret Daughter only works as an excuse if she’s some weird, maladjusted teen. April is shown throughout the season to be smart and realistic, so excluding Lorelai from interacting with her is just silly.

In other news… Lane and Mrs. Kim have patched things up, and Lane gets married to Zach. Once again, I’d like to point out that Lane is in a Bizarro Gilmore Girls show, the one where she rebels against her parents but ultimately reconciles, and works things out with her boyfriend and gets married. The Korean and American wedding episode is a rare bit of brightness in a dour run to the season six finish line.

Anyway, I’m now through all of the original episodes of Gilmore Girls, but my writing schedule has been a bit delayed because of the holidays, work and housesitting. I’ll have two entries on season seven next week though, and then, move on to some other subjects.

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