Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last night's Glee in pictures

Sue Sylvester: Now if you'll excuse me, I have to put in a call to the Ohio Secretary of State notifying them I will no longer be carrying on ID, you know why? People should know who I am.

Unfortunately, because I get held up at work, I didn't really get a chance to do a proper entry for tonight. Instead, please take this one, which relies on pictures and text to illustrate some of my favorite Glee quotes from this week's episode.

Brittney on Coach Sylvester's energy drink: Sometimes I add sand.

Brittney: I think my cat is reading my diary.

Mike O'Malley has been in about 500 shitty comedies, and prior to Glee, his only other good role was as the host of Nickelodeon Guts. Now he's having moving, emotional exchanges with Finn and Kurt. Who knew he had it in him?

Sue Sylvester: How do you two not have a show on Bravo?

The only thing that fell kind of flat for me was the pseudo-relationship between Will and the trashy drop-out girl. Even for a show like Glee that relies a lot on cliches and conventions, it just seemed a bit too much. Still, that didn't cut much into the final grade...

Grade: A+


  1. This was one of their cheesier episodes, I was a little disappointed. But still loved it. The songs were awesome, it just seemed to lack purpose to the storyline overall.

  2. Eh, I thought this episode told more of a story than last week's! That just seemed like a random episode using Madonna as a flimsy backdrop. This one had some pretty real, raw stuff between Finn and his mom and Mike O'Malley.


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