Friday, April 30, 2010

Stephen Colbert, you magnificent bastard!

While The Daily Show remains brilliant, I've written about it kind of recently. Therefore, I instead offer a tip of my cap to Stephen Colbert, who has also been on a roll recently.

I've been watching regularly for the past two weeks, and I definitely think Colbert has recovered from a small swoon following the Winter Olympics. I found a lot of his Olympic coverage, outside of the curling, kind of boring, but hey, most everyone else liked it. I think Colbert is much sharper though when he is playing his character for "sharp" and ignorant criticism, as opposed to genuinely backing a cause.

Case in point - His withering critique this week of the bartering system proposed by some wacky GOP candidate in Nevada. If you didn't manage to catch the episode, the segment is on Comedy Central's website, and also on this website. It is worth checking out, immediately!

Grade: A+

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