Saturday, May 1, 2010

Community snatches Thursday night crown back, because it is a winner

A little more than a month ago, it seemed like Parks and Recreation was destined to go on a sort of epic Thursday night run, since it had been building on a long string of quality episodes. Consider me disappointed with this week's episode then, which was funny, but not quite as poignant or deep as the last new Parks and Recreation episode was.

Meanwhile, Community has just kept plugging along. While this week's episode wasn't as ridiculously funny as last week's, which had Annie's Boobs and Goodfellas, it was still great. The infantile competition between Jeff, Brita and the high school kids was a nice, silly complement to the more serious storyline of everyone hating on Pierce.

As usual, the best portions of the episode were with Abed and Troy. Abed is trying to check off everything on a quintessential college experience list, such as breaking a guitar like in Animal House, pantsing and getting pantsed, pledging the most popular fraternity on campus, stealing a rival's mascot, and making a robot in order to impress chicks.

The actual dramatic arc of the episode - Pierce getting kicked out of the group for being an ass to Shirley - isn't really that great. But all of the other stuff going on in the episode more than makes up for it. In fact, I couldn't decide on just a couple photos, so please enjoy the others at the end of this entry.

Grade: A

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