Saturday, May 8, 2010

Colbert can't hang with his buddy Muhammad :(

I guess everyone is now kind of immune to images of Muhammad being censored out. It happened again on Thursday's Colbert Report, as he was trying to show a picture of himself with his buddy Muhammad, resulting in the image to the right. There was then a quick editing cut to Colbert just sitting at his desk, which makes the small percentage of my brain devoted to conspiracies wonder if he had said more, and it got cut by Comedy Central.

Speaking of Comedy Central, they are still cowards. And hypocritical, given their stance on Jesus and their attitude toward other religions. I'm an atheist, so I don't have a dog in this fight, but Comedy Central is letting the extremists win when they decide to censor images of Muhammad because they're offensive as opposed to anything else. You know, like when they had Buddha doing lines of cocaine in episode "201".

And predictably, this has emboldened nutty fanatics of other religions to point out the hypocrisy. I imagine at some point, either they'll make a threat in an attempt to get something removed from an episode, or Parker and Stone will quit the show or bring it to another network. Their current contract runs through 2013, and it wouldn't surprise me if they abruptly quit after that, or tried to give Comedy Central a big "F U" finger on the way out.

Programming note: I'll have a late entry tonight, since Betty White is hosting Saturday Night Live. Woohoo! I'm hoping it's a good episode, and between her and Jay-Z, there is a lot of potential here.


  1. How is this cowardice? From my impression, Stephen Colbert [i]deliberately[/i] posted a picture of himself next to a blanked out box just to satirize the whole "we can't draw the Prophet" lunacy.

  2. It's kind of irrelevant if Colbert posed next to a real M or not - Comedy Central would have blurred it out anyway.


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