Monday, May 10, 2010

Community's aim still flawless

Jeff Winger... You son of a bitch!

Well, in case you still haven't heard, last week's episode of Community was mad ill. Like the previous Goodfellas episode, this one spoofed the conventions of action movies. It was the paintball Armageddon, as roving gangs of students clashed over the ultimate prize – prior registration for the coming semester. Or, as Jeff dreams, all classes on a single day, creating a six-day weekend for him every week.

My favorite part of the episode has actually been kind of panned on the Internet – Jeff and Brita finally hooked up, in a fairly unclimatic way, on a desk during a break in the Paintball Wars. However, I like how little attention it was given, since it suggests that it will be more of an isolated occurrence, as opposed to a full-out relationship. Also, because the hook-up came out of nowhere, it reminded me of the excellent Newsradio. The writers for that show intentionally have Dave and Lisa hook-up in the second episode, much to the chagrin of the network, who want them to start a long-range, love-hate relationship like on Cheers or Friends.

Outside of that questionable call, depending on your perspective, the episode was practically perfect. Highlights include the appearance of Senor Chang, suicide paintball bomber, and the action cliches exhibited by Troy and Abed. I feel like I'm repeating myself on a weekly basis in terms of hyping the show, but heck, it just keeps getting better and better.

Grade: A+

For the ladies... An extra picture of the dreamy Joel McHale:

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