Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey, the kids are happy again!

The fallout from last week's episode of Glee is seemingly... brief. In a refreshing change of pace, the episode shifted away from the ongoing drama between Emma and Will, and between Rachel and everyone else. Instead, we got a largely Puck-centric episode, as he was using Mercedes to regain his popularity. In the process, she decides that she no longer wants to be popular, and drops out of the Cheerihos.

Next to Brittney, Puck and Santana are my favorite secondary characters, and both were featured in Tuesday's episode. Puck was obviously the star of the show, as the main storyline was about him losing status at school because of his lost mohawk. Meanwhile, Santana glowered as she was forced to watch Puck and Mercedes grow closer, and she had a duet of “The Boy Is Mine” over him, which I found to be one of the season's stronger songs.

Outside of Puck, Santana and Mercedes, there were two other plots going on. First, Kurt tried to act not-gay for the episode, in order to win the attention his father was giving Finn. Brittney featured heavily in these scenes, as she dryly noted that she had made out with every boy at the school (even Artie?) except Kurt because she thought Kurt was gay. Also, note: Brittney looked super foxy in this episode, maybe because she was allowed to wear something besides the cheerleader outfit. Dear Glee producers, please think of ways to put Brittney in normal, hot clothing more often. (p.s. The same goes for Santana.)

The second sideplot revolved around Rachel losing her singing voice. This served the effect of humanizing her a bit, although she was still prissy most of the episode. Finn was surprisingly decent and nice to her, which made me a little disappointed on the inside, to be honest. Thankfully though, Jesse was completely absent from the episode; something about that dude just rubs me the wrong way.

Grade: A-


  1. Of course Finn is gonna be nice to her, he's still fighting for her!
    Kurt in overalls cracked me up. And his attempt at a "man" voice was hilarious. He sounded like he had chewing tobacco in his cheek the entire time.

  2. Given how mean and evil she was the other episode though, it wouldn't have been a surprise if he decided to dump her in favor of Quinn or someone else. Personally, I'd like to see him end up with Britt somehow, but she's way too ditzy for him.

    Kurt as a "man" was pretty great, yeah.


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