Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shadow cast over good Glee

One of the few light moments of Tuesday's Glee.

I feel like I've been grading slightly easy lately, between the A's for Community, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and LOST, but hey, the shows have been bringing it as their seasons have been wrapping up, with the notable exceptions of South Park and The Office.

Glee belongs in the first group and not the second. Tuesday night's episode was strong, featuring Emma Pillsbury finally asserting herself. Sure, it was at the manipulative prodding of Sue Sylvester, but still, it was good to see Emma take Will to task for his womanizing behavior.

Speaking of Sue, her split personality was on full display Tuesday. On one hand, she set Emma up to hurt Will, and continued with her vendetta against the Glee Club. On the other hand, she was viciously embarrassed by the Glee kids posting the video of her singing to “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John. But on the third hand, her ultimately good nature was again played up in the tender scenes with her and her sister, who has some sort of disability.

If there was a bad part to the episode, it was the overall negative, pessimistic feel of the whole thing. There was plenty of drama within the Glee Club itself, and even Brittany's characteristic lightness wasn't enough to lighten my own mood. By the end of the episode, everyone but Quinn and some of the more minor characters – Artie, his fake stuttering girlfriend – are less likable than when the episode started. Especially Rachel, Rachel's crappy new boyfriend, and Puck.

Anyway, this heavy feel can't detract from a great overall episode. Every once in a while, life sucks - Thems the breaks sometimes! If Glee was going for that feeling Tuesday, it sure did succeed.

Grade: A


  1. I felt bad for the guys after Rachel's video. That was kind of a shitty thing to do, especially since she didn't tell any of them.
    I almost felt bad for Jesse but then I remembered I don't trust him and he's probably up to no good anyway.
    I cracked up with the Can't Touch This scene in the library. Where did they find so many MC Hammer pants?!

  2. Yeah, Jesse is definitely public enemy #1 to me right now. I just can't trust the kid! He seems too slick and smooth, which makes me think that his hot Glee teacher is giving him directions to seduce.

    And pffttt, Savers for the win, Membrino! They have like frickin' everything. I actually found that number to be a little flat, even if there was plenty of Britt performing in this episode as compared to some past ones.


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