Friday, May 14, 2010

Annie grows up on Community

This week's Community was disappointing as compared to previous weeks, but hey, I've been saying that it is hard to get hitting grand slams week after week. If I was evaluating Two and a Half Men instead, I would say, "Hey, this episode of Two and a Half Men is the greatest thing I've ever seen on this miserable hack show!" But because Community has been consistently great this year, even a strong episode like last night's is a bit of a disappointment.

The whole scenario of the episode - Annie rats out Senor Chang for not having a teaching degree because she wants the Spanish group to stay together - resolved a bit too neatly at the end. You know, the part where Chang is now going to be a student at the community college, and presumably will be even more wrapped up in the study group's activities. (Speaking of, Starburns got another speaking part in Thursday's episode - I might have to eventually learn his name at this point.)

While the ending was a bit stereotypical and clean, the rest of the show was amusing. Abed was doing Abed stuff, and as my friend Tom said, there was a reverse Good Will Hunting going on with Troy and his innate knack to fix mechanical issues. Chang getting fired allowed him to play a big part in this episode, as he commiserated to Jeff and others about his situation. He also rocked a mean keytar (combination guitar and keyboard). Clips from all of these can be found at this here neat Atlantic blog.

Grade: B+

The picture of Annie and Senor Chang comes from this site.


  1. I liked the reverse Good Will Hunting subplot, but they really could have run with that more. "How do you like them apples" should have been in play.

  2. I agree with you on the Good Will Hunting thing. Then again, I feel like Abed and Troy could just be its own separate show at this point. Not that I want them to do that, but still, the side characters of Community are ridiculously good.

    I think that's the defining trait of the various shows I like on a weekly basis - Modern Family and Glee both have good minor / supporting characters, and even a show like Aqua Teen Hunger Force has a good, random cast of ever-changing guests.


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