Saturday, June 26, 2010

At The Commercials: This girl looks kind of like Christina Ricci.

Just a quickie today, but doesn't the girl in this ad look sort of like Christina Ricci? Straight down to the massive forehead, and large... um, personality. The commercial itself is kind of funny too, which is a bit of a rarity from a generic chain like Lowe's. I especially like the part with the garage door opener.

Lowe's other commercials leave a bit to be desired, although I must say that they are quite good at casting "obtainable hot" chicks in them. They have this one with a tall, bespectacled redhead. She's cute, and the commercial is mildly funny, if a bit annoying toward the end. There is another one with a cute mom and clerk finding the mom's daughter a purple shade to paint her room. This one confuses me a bit though - The mom is freaking out a bit about the daughter wanting to paint her room that color, but it looks like a normal shade of purple to me. Why all the frontin', mom?


  1. She looks way too young to be married much less own a home.

  2. I agree - She looks and sounds really, really young.

  3. she does look like Ricci.

    I know what commercial you are talking about with the purple paint. It is a normal color. That mom is a whack job.

  4. She totally does look like Christina Ricci.

    Off topic but do you think that Progressive Insurance Flo is hot?

  5. PTM, totally agree about that mom. She makes like a "crazy face!" at the color suggestion - It looks completely normal! A little bit Easter-y, sure, but not like, "ohmygod my daughter is on heroin!" purple.

    Sadako, thanks! And I flip-flop on Flo. One of my friends is really into her, but her attitude and lipstick turn me off. I've seen photos of her out-of-character, and liked what I've seen.


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