Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random make-up linkage

I don't really know why my entries aren't posting properly lately. If I had to guess, I would say gremlins, since they ask pesky creatures. Ruining movie openings, eating after midnights, ripping up wings of airplanes... You just can't trust the filthy vermin.

Anyway, as a result, I'll just link to a WWTDD story about my gal Jennifer Love Hewitt. Now, if she was actually in Wonder Woman, it would be the first time I actually watched something with Jennifer Love Hewitt in it. I didn't watch Party of Five, I don't watch The Ghost Whisperer, and I've never seen any of her horrible movies or listened to any of her music.

But... Beyond the incredible looks, she just strikes me as a nice person. She's old enough that she seems to have missed the "hey let's become big huge sluts!" generation of Hollywood, and although I'm still upset that she let Jamie Kennedy toss it into her, it does show that she's not that hung up on looks.


  1. tyler durden hates her SO MUCH. It's hilarious.

    and also...YOU'VE NEVER SEEN CAN'T HARDLY WAIT?! I'm assuming this since you said you've never seen any of her movies. It's like one of the best movies. soooo funny. And so many people are in it in little roles it's fun enough to watch now just to be like OMG it's you! and Seth Green is in it and is hilarious. WATCH. Or I won't be your friend anymore. Or comment on your blog.


  2. I love Ghost Whisperer..she's actually really good in it..

  3. Danielle, yeah - TD and I definitely differ when it comes to Love, as she's known to friends. She's gotten a little thicker lately, but that rack is still there, and she still has a nice smile and what not. I think she can get down to her fighting weight pretty easily if she wanted.

    Actually, I had forgotten about Can't Hardly Wait! That is a pretty good flick, although it took me a while to watch it because the advertising for it was so misleading.

  4. Wifey, I've heard that she's not bad in it. Still, the concept of the show doesn't appeal to me, so I've never caught an episode.


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