Friday, June 11, 2010

Following up on Glee

My entry the other night on Glee brought up some questions and remarks from Danielle and Amber, so I thought I'd elaborate some more. (And as a note, I totally mix up the names of the teams all the time. I just know them as Will's Glee Club and Vocal Adrenaline, who I compare to the Russians in the Miracle on Ice, or in Rocky IV.)

Regarding Sue, I find her outburst of support for the kids out-of-character because it wasn't hinted at more throughout the season. There could have been a more gradual softening than her voting for Will's Club, and granting them the practice space for another year. I think the only times they hinted that she had a heart this season were 1) her relationships with the mentally-challenged sister and Cheerio and 2) when she was rejected by Will and the newscaster.

I find Rachel and Finn a bit boring and implausible, just because of how much they've gone through during the season. I don't think there is a ton of chemistry between Monteith and Michele in their scenes together, so ideally, I think it would be better if they got new beaus.

As far as Journey goes, heck, I love Journey. However, they definitely feel a bit effed out now, between The Sopranos ending, the beginning of the Glee season, and their constant presence at every college party I ever went to. I was looking forward to a funkified finale, but instead I got Journey. boooooo.

Glee can be cheesy, yes. But typically, it skews toward cheesy when it comes to the numbers and format, and not so much the interpersonal relationships. I just felt like it all resolved itself a bit too neatly in the final episode. The birth scenes were awesome, but having Rachel's mom adopt Beth seemed like a convoluted way to keep her involved with the show.

As far as Mercedes and Quinn go... meh. Yeah, I guess you can say their feelings for one another crested with the pregnancy song and dance the previous episode, but even then, it felt more like a meeting of the minds as opposed to a lasting friendship. Like Rachel's mom, it felt like a convenient bow so that people wouldn't be asking, "Hey where the heck is Quinn going to live?" If anything, I'd prefer for her to strike it out on her own, except that I can't remember how old she is on the show.


  1. Quinn's 16. I'm pretty sure all of them are 16 or 17.

    I don't know, I can see your point in all of this, but I don't agree. Still one of my favorite episodes.

    I don't think the adoption has to be a way to keep Rachel's mom in the story. Not that Glee always follows real life rules, but generally when parents give a kid up for adoption they lost all rights to see the kid, so I don't know why she'd be around with the baby. Plus it doesn't sound like she wants to coach vocal adrenaline.

    I'm re-watching it right now, actually, and love it just as much as I did the first time. So pbbbttttt to you, negative norb.

    I like when in the scene where the kids are singing on stage for Will, Finn pretty much tells Will how much of a father figure he's been to him. I thought that was really sweet.

  2. Negative Norb? Pfftttt, how dare you. How DARE you!

    And yeah, I forgot about that part with Will and Finn. That was sweet and well-done.


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