Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Existential questions about this rap game

On "Justify My Thug" by Jay-Z, which is the 11th track off The Black Album, he remarks that if you shoot his dog, he's going to kill your cat, which is an unwritten law of rap.

1) How can it be unwritten? You just wrote it down and rapped about it.

2) Why you gotta be shooting animals, Jay-Z?

3) Does Beyonce know about this? I feel like this could potentially endanger your relationship. I would keep it on the down-low.

4) How many dogs and cats were shot while you were moving snowflakes by the O.Z.?

Note: I really like Jay-Z, although in typical square fashion, my favorite albums are The Black Album, The Grey Album, his MTV Unplugged performance and his tracks on DJ Hero. Even my street credit is lame - sorry folks.


  1. Top Cat!

    Heh. I hear you on that--it's so not written down anymore.

  2. Sadako, I lovveeee Top Cat. I used to watch it every day before school, and I've liked using the photo in the past:


    I know a surprising amount about rap for being the whitest kid alive from Rhode Island. It surprises the kids when I substitute teach. I'm illin' like that.


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