Saturday, June 12, 2010

Inexplicable Video Game Review: Mega Man Soccer

In honor of the World Cup and my love for retro junk, let's talk about Mega Man Soccer. Back in the 1990s, Capcom was basically known for two things - Mega Man and Street Fighter 2. They also had some minor successes, such as the Breath of Fire series, Final Fight, a bunch of fun Disney adaptations, and Ghouls and Ghosts.

Notice that there was not a sports game on that list, nevermind a soccer game. Yet for some reason, when Capcom thought of ways to spin off the Mega Man series, they somehow settled on soccer, of all things. This seems especially odd given that the game isn't that popular in North America or Japan, as compared to other sports. Why not Mega Man Baseball or Mega Man Football? In both of those games, having robot players would have a much greater effect.

Anyway, there are several fundamental problems with Mega Man Soccer. First and foremost, the soccer action really sucks. It's almost impossible to dribble any significant length of the field, which is also truncated as compared to a regular soccer field. The regular shots also suck, and it's impossible to score unless you do it on a rebound.

There is little difference between the robot players, except that they have different special power-up shots that you can use. For each team you beat, you get access to a player, which gives you more special shots and makes things easier. However, the game is pretty easy anyway, since you can go up by a goal and easily play keep-away the rest of the match.

Frankly, Mega Man Soccer sucks. However, because it sucked, it didn't sell that many copies, but because it's got Mega Man in the name, some people still want to play it. Therefore, it sells for $20 to $100 on eBay! Speaking as someone who has played and beat the game, its actual value is about $2.50, as any of the FIFA games for the SNES are far better.


  1. Ever play Tiny Toons ACME All-Stars on Genesis? The soccer and basketball on that game was impeccable for the time. Best arcade soccer there was for quite some time!

  2. I actually have fond memories of this one. I know it wasn't a good game, but I got a LOT of mileage out of it back in the day. Wish I would have held on to it as I would love to resell it for a large profit nowadays. I'm sure I just probably traded it in for 5 bucks trading credit way back in the day.

  3. Gruel, I haven't, but I've heard good things about that game. I remember the football portion of the SNES Tiny Toons game being pretty reasonable.

  4. Socnorb, yeah, it's weird how valuable some of these games have gotten. It makes me angry that I tossed all of the boxes for the games. I still have a bunch of old instruction manuals that I need to put up on eBay - Some of them go for $5 to $20 each, since people need them to complete their game sets.

  5. Who was in charge of that cover art O: What a mess...

  6. @ Anon - The whole thing was a hot mess, yes.


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