Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NXT angle kinda, sorta continued on Raw

I was a bit disappointed with Monday night Raw's follow-up on last week's absolutely insane beatdown of John Cena by the NXT wrestlers. While the beatdown was addressed by pretty much anyone of significance on the roster, I thought some aspects of the response went too against character.

There were two big physical spots involving the NXT crew, after their initial microphone spot. First, when John Cena was in the ring addressing them, they came in from the crowd again, only to be fought off by most of the Raw roster. This also involved Seamus with a steel pipe, and he later explained that he didn't want some interlopers coming in and preventing him from beating Cena himself.

This explanation felt very “meh” to me. Seamus suddenly cares about fair play? The previous couple of months, he had been kicking people in the face after matches. I think the angle could have been just as effective without him or Randy Orton, a face or tweener with an edge, involved at all. I also thought that the NXT guys looked like punks when they ran from the ring, being chased through the back by... Santino, of all people? Ick.

However, the conclusion of the show was again very strong. The action abruptly cut from the in-ring stuff to GM Bret Hart being kidnapped and put in the back of a limo, which repeatedly crashed on purpose, in an attempt to get Hart to change his mind about firing all of the NXT guys. These actual crashes were somewhat lame, but the menacing NXT wrestlers hovering around the limo and the abruptness of it all made it work, much like the previous week's invasion.

Also, addressing the "firing" of Daniel Bryan / Bryan Danielson - I definitely think it will be revealed as a work. Although Wade Barrett is officially recognized as the leader of the NXT guys, Danielson is the guy most over with fans. Therefore, I think he re-signs with the WWE, and somewhat brilliantly, his firing will only make him more popular with anti-Cena and anti-WWE fans. The WWE can be stupid with its decision-making at times, but it would shock me if Danielson wasn't back sooner rather than later.


  1. I've been so wrapped up in photo stuff lately, when i saw RAW in your title, I thought it was referring to .raw camera files and i was like ...what does steve know about that? haha

    Then I realized it was this. pleh.

  2. Poor Danielle :( On the plus side though, at least I wasn't ragging on more of your beloved Glee plots :)

  3. It was interesting. Not nearly as compelling as last week's Raw was.
    I really hope the whole Daniel Bryan thing is a work because if not then the WWF (yeah I went there in honor of Brett) made a HUGE mistake.

  4. heh, Did Bret say WWF again this week? I know he did the other week, but I thought he would have had it out of his system by now.

  5. Yeah he screwed up again and dropped the "F" bomb, lol. Makes me laugh every time.

  6. Me too. Actually, it was weird - I was substitute teaching yesterday, and a kid had a WWF shirt on. And I don't mean the wrestling federation; she was wearing a World Wildlife Fund shirt with a panda on it. So, I guess they are actually making the most of their acronym finally.


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