Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dear Diary, A Funny Thing Happened To Me On Friday…

 … I got laid off! To be honest, I’m not taking it as tough as the guy from Wayne’s World, I just really like Ed O’Neill and his work in that clip.

But yes, I am no longer with Patch. As a result, I probably will be writing a bit more in this thing. Considering that my last entry was in October 2012, and I only had 24 entries total in 2012, well, I haven’t really set the bar particularly high for myself!

I have been yearnin’ to write some pages recently though, and to inexplicably review video games and movies that you probably already finished with months and months ago. I have that going for me, as well as taking pictures of my cat and other things on Instagram and writing insincere cutlines for them.

And finally, just to put this out there as a teaser – I’ll be making my podcast debut this coming week, if all goes well! So, if the idea of me talking to someone you probably don’t know about subjects you probably aren’t aware of is appealing, heck, this is an exciting time in your life!

To close things out, here is Boston Bruins announcer Jack Edwards laughing manically, in case you’re feeling glum. I know it always cheers me up.

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