Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Triumphant Podcast Debut

Fact: Robots and rabbits are both cool.

Folks, if you’re so inclined, I recently did a 62-minute guest spot on my friend Sarah’s podcast, Robot Rabbit. You can listen to my gorgeous tones here.

I actually don’t know how interesting it’ll be to you random folks out there, so I make no apologies if it’s not your cup of tea! I mean, some of our conversation concerns the comings and goings on The Dave Dameshek Message Board, a swell fellow I’ve written about in the past.

The main portion of the podcast is a Q&A session with her, but I try to spice it up as I can by insulting Indiana, land of Larry Bird, Detlef Schrempf and no other celebrities, at least in my mind. We also get into the greatest hypothetical celebrity dumping of all-time – If Brad Pitt dumped Angelina Jolie, where does he go from there? Could he land Jennifer Aniston and really make everyone’s head explode?

If you’re a podcast person and want me as a guest, please contact my agent for booking information and rates. And by “agent” I mean “me” and by “rates” I mean “as long as it’s after 12 p.m. on any given day I’ll probably do it.”

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