Sunday, May 26, 2013

I don’t want no part of yo’ tight-ass country club, ya freak bitch!

So yeah, Arrested Development is back. There were so many good moments in the previous three seasons, I just don’t know where to start when it comes to highlighting quotes. I was always a big fan of Franklin, so that’s why his quote leads this entry, and why I’m including a picture of him on the entry too. If you want a 10-minute, 200 quote "Best Of," check out that YouTube video at the bottom of this entry.

I’m making my way through the fourth season today, but I probably won’t write about it until at least Tuesday, to give y’all a chance to watch it. Arrested Development is one of those rare sitcoms where there actually are spoilers for the story that would ruin things, like if you found out about Mr. F or the Godzilla-jetman fight early in season three. There is also the excitement of wondering who is going to show up in season four – Will we see Annyong? Barry Zuckercorn? Gene Parmesean, private eye? Carl Weathers??? (It’s for this reason that I didn’t listen to Tony “Buster Bluth” Hale on The Nerdist podcast yet.)

I’m definitely curious to see how the fourth season is received both critically and commercially. I fear that kind of like the new Daft Punk album, it can’t possibly live up to all of the hype, but as long as it doesn’t completely suck, that’s good. According to an interview with a Netflix executive, a season five is possible, but it sounds like the biggest impediment is the cast and creator’s schedule, not Netflix.

(Tangenting off of this - Could you build a season around the “less popular” Arrested Development actors, or a smaller ensemble? Tambor, Bateman and Michael Cera strike me as the busiest actors, as the rest of them tend to be either character or supporting actors on a variety of other shows. There is also the matter of the creators, as Mitchell Hurwitz and others seem to have other projects in the pipeline.)

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