Friday, May 24, 2013

Random Access Music Thoughts Spurred By iTunes

Just randomly shooting out an entry based on my iTunes shuffling…

- Is it needy of me to ask when the heck Girl Talk, a.k.a. Gregg Gillis, is going to release a new album? It’s been about three years at this point, and whether it’s relying on samples of popular music again or a completely original effort, as Wikipedia hints at, I’m eager to hear what he’s got planned next.

His last effort, All Day, came out in 2010. Originally, I didn’t like it as much as 2008’s Feed The Animals, but as time has gone on I think I appreciate it more. I think from start to finish, it just seems to flow better, whereas Feed The Animals has more rigid stops and starts. Feed The Animals is an album I sing along to in my car, whereas All Day is more appropriate for a 71-minute work session.

- Speaking of albums I like to play in the background or my headphones while working, I think that’s going to be my eventual judgment on Random Access Memories. Of course, as others have noted, there was no possible way it could live up to the great media campaign and hype and teaser videos.

However, I’m fine with that, and I’m still glad they did all of that. I mean, I’m a pro wrestling fan, so the whole thing reminded me of another great countdown and tease – the WWF debut of Chris Jericho, and his return against Randy Orton. Heck, I even stole the idea for my own blog, and it worked great in terms of raising anticipation.

So basically, you can’t ever go wrong with a countdown clock, and with teasing. I guess that’s the moral of the story… Oh, you wanted to know about Random Access Memories? Well, it’s solid. “Get Lucky” is by far the standout track, so it was smart to use it as a single, while the rest of the album is more of a mellow groove. Hence, a good CD to get some work done to, but I imagine “Get Lucky” is the only song that’ll end up on one of my playlists.

- Here is a random listen / watch on YouTube recommendation: “Chillin’” by Wale with Lady Gaga. For somewhat inexplicable reasons, Lady Gaga is dressed normally. (Maybe because it is inexplicable?)

Like everything else I write about, the song has actually been out for years, and Lady Gaga’s presence doesn’t make it sound any different than a generic Wale or 2000s-era rap. However, there is something to be said for artists just making something that sounds good, even if it doesn’t break fantastic new ground. So, good job by both of them.

All album artwork is taken either from Wikipedia, or in the case of Daft Punk, their official website.

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