Wednesday, September 16, 2009

At The Commercials: Totally meeting expectations

The past couple months there has been a weird radio commercial about Verizon FIOS Internet, and about how it can help the slow connection speed of your office network. Basically, you hear an angry boss-type screaming to a co-worker, "I need the blah blah file, stat!" And a guy screams back in reply, "Still making changes, circle back later!"

Then a voice of sanity interjects and asks why everyone is yelling - it sounds kind of like a delivery boy. A seemingly-cute sounding, but not hot, woman answers and says in a normal voice that because of their slow Internet and office e-mail, they need to scream to one another, because it's quicker than e-mail. Then, the formerly sweet-toned woman screams, "Ben thanks for the flowers I thought you hated me! L-O-L!" Then Ben, who is apparently the boss, screams back, "Semi-colon! Right parentheses! Winking emoticon!"

This commercial was annoying enough in just an audio format, but now, it has spread to television without changing a single line of dialogue! What gives, Verizon??? The odd thing is that the appearance of each - stodgy angry bald white boss, cool black co-worker and cute-but-not-hot female workers - correlates to their voice. So, yeah, the commercial has that going for it, which is nice, I guess. Apparently, I'm not the only one who hates the commercial, which is always good to know.

Thanks to this site for the graphic at the top.

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