Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stats, stats and stats - August 2009

[Left] Why this album cover? Because it's the album with "Popular", like totally duh.

I always liked when Adam Carolla would announce his salary while he was doing the Loveline radio show, so in a sign of openness, I've decided to share my hit numbers and advertising revenue numbers with you, my faithful readers, after each month. While these numbers might be a little too “inside” for some, I'm always secretly curious about how popular various sites are.

That being said, there is nothing that surprisingly about my blog. From the comments, it probably isn't surprising that I don't get 50 million hit per day, or make enough money to buy a Hawaiian island. (Even a small one with just a single palm tree, like in a Far Side cartoon.) Also, since some have asked me how to support the blog: If you see an ad you LIKE, or that interests you, click it. Just trying to rapidly click them doesn't help, since it invalidates that batch, and it is possible that they think you or I am a spammer, and shut down your account or mine permanently.

Here is the breakdown for Saturday, August 1 to Monday, August 31:

Total number of visits – 408
Total number of pageviews – 717
Average time on site – 2:03
Percentage of new visitors – 37.99%
Most popular days – Monday, August 31 (30 visitors) and Sunday, August 16 (28)
Least popular days – Tuesday, August 11 (2 visitors)
Top Five referrers – Twitter (28.19%), Facebook (13.48%), Blogger (12.50%), direct link (11.52%) and Gmail (6.86%)
Top Five states – Rhode Island (136 visits), Massachusetts (95), Mississippi (27), California (22) and New York (13)
Unpopular states – Nobody from has ever visited by site from Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama, West Virginia, Delaware and Vermont.
Top Five cities – Biloxi, MS; Somerville, MA; Franklin, MA; Medfield, MA; Providence, RI
Ad revenue – $1.60, up from $0.52 in July


  1. "Top Five cities - Biloxi, MS..."

    So do I get a prize? A Fabio t-shirt or something? (not the gay "I Can't Believe it's Not Buttah" dude, the Italian Stallion from Top Chef)

  2. yeah, do maggie & I get something special for representing somerville up in this thing? perhaps a harry potter wii game...OH WAIT YOU SOLD IT!

  3. Kristi, if they made Fabio shirts, you bet your sweet ass that I would be keeping it for myself instead. Even I am beguiled by his charm from time to time.

  4. Danielle, FINE! I will buy you a Harry Potter game for your birthday, whenever that is. Okay? PLEASE? STOP HARASSING ME AHHH!!!

    And also, Maggie is totally slacking on the reading. Oh yes, that's right, I can tell!

  5. Your revenue tripled from a month ago? Is this a sign the recession is over? I'm going to assume the ups/downs of your monthly revenue are an accurate portrayal of the overall economy and, although possibly ill-advised, invest based solely on them. Good idea?

    I got out of a work assignment in Biloxi. I would've been there from April until July, and I it appears as though I'd have been part of something special. Instead, (Arlington) VA's got nothing :/

  6. Simon, actually, it looks like you're technically logging in from Ft. Myer, since I have 30 lifetime hits from that area, and another 10 from Alexandria. It still is somewhat sad that I can single out members of my reading population, but babysteps.

    And yeah, my blog is a great indicator of economic prosperity. I recommend investing heavily in T-bills, and fresh, tasty waffles. Take the time to get a good iron, and to make them yourself, with a good crisp and crust, because Eggo simply isn't the same thing.


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