Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pickin' Pigskin: Week 2 Tally

My performance this week wasn't nearly as shaming. The weekly results, with overall record in parentheses:

Steve: 9-7 (14-18, 4th)
Bob: 7-9 (17-15, 1st)
Kristin: 7-9 (16-16, 3rd)
Andy: 6-9 (16-15, 2nd)

Although I was this week's winner, it was only by two games, so I'm still languishing in last place. Bob kept pace with the others, so he holds a slight lead over Kristin and Andy. I'm just glad I didn't finish in last again, because it would be embarrassing to have 17 straight weeks of sub-par performance.

Reviewing my fantasy team's performance this week, we won again, so we're now 2-0. This is the first time we've won our first two games in three seasons, so really, it's a banner fantasy year for us so far. The final score was 79-65, another low total. Tom Brady was my savior last week, but this week he shit the fantasy bed, with only 10 points. I was bailed out by Ronnie Brown, who had 30 points last night, making up for the bad showings by Brady and Reggie Wayne (3 points). I was also helped out because my opponent played Matt Hasselbeck, who only score 5 points before leaving the game with an injury.


  1. This just goes to show... if you're looking for gambling advice, go somewhere else.

  2. haha, Yes. We're not exactly masters of picking against the spread here...


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