Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pickin' Pigskin with Kristin: Week 3

NY JETS over Tennessee (2.5)

Kristin: NY Jets (-2.5)

Sure the Jets are cocky useless bastards, but they have a good excuse to be cocky coming off their win over a far better team that just isn't clicking on all cylinders yet. I think the Jets use that hype to overpower a far more boring Tennessee team.

HOUSTON over Jacksonville (4)

Kristin: Jacksonville (+4)

When my brother was little he got a set of matching football sheets with football curtains for his bedroom. I could recognize the team logo's for almost all the teams on the pattern since football was usually on Sunday's in my house growing up. However, I couldn't for the life of me figure out who Houston was on those sheets, and a team you never remember isn't a team that wins a lot of games.

PHILADELPHIA over Kansas City (9.5)

Kristin: Kansas City (+9.5)

Philly's QB should have starred in the movie unbreakable as the character with glass for bones instead of whoever did. As long as he's leading that team and as long as I think his ribs are still cracked they are not going to make a 9-point spread.

BALTIMORE over Cleveland (13.5)

Kristin: Baltimore (-13.5)

Every time I turn around Baltimore is putting up big points, if they can't do the same at home, they should go cry about it.

NY Giants over TAMPA BAY (6.5)

Kristin: NY Giants (-6.5)

Ok ok, I thought I would never choose the Giants out of hate and spite. But, how can you really pick a sports team from central Florida. I just envision the team composed of senior citizens that fall asleep half-way through the game in their Laz-E-Boy chairs.

Washington over DETROIT (6.5)

Kristin: Skins (-6.5)

Go Skins! I am actually very afraid they will lose this game though because A) That would be sooo embarrassing and B) Did anyone else notice how the Skin's were an inch away from being forced into a safety at HOME last week? Oh dear.

Green Bay over ST. LOUIS (6.5)

Kristin: Green Bay (-6.5)

If the Rams want to win football games they should change their mascot to something more interesting - choosing a barnyard animal just doesn't inspire fear in the opponent. Or, they should wear strange food products on their heads, that helps too.

MINNESOTA over San Francisco (7)

Kristin: San Francisco (-7)

I'm hoping this will be a cool upset based off the fact that the Vikings were losing / tied at half-time last week against the piss-poor Lions and also that San Fran has been much better than terrible this season.

NEW ENGLAND over Atlanta (4)

Kristin: Pats (-4)

Go Pats! I'm hoping that this is the game that Tom and the receiving core get their timing back from the seasons of Super Bowls past. Also, I enjoyed seeing the new running back we added last week so I am hoping we can keep defenses on their toes and avoid having Tom get thrown down so much.

Chicago over SEATTLE (2.5)

Kristin: Chicago (-2.5)

Now I am mainly choosing Chicago because we have friends from there. However, I just can't support a football team from Seattle - while Starbucks prevents too many strung-out would-have-been-grunge 15-years-ago-children from turning to the streets for sex and poetry like neighboring Portland - its not the kind of environment to foster a strong fan base and not the kind of place I plan to ever respect for sports (and frankly I don't care if they even make it to more Super Bowls).

New Orleans over BUFFALO (6)

Kristin: New Orleans (-6)

NO is running all over the opposition and throwing up mad points. Now, I don't plan for the score to be as high in Buffalo mainly due to the fact that the weather is starting to turn, but I still don't see them losing this game - especially since I still haven't seen TO on a highlight reel.

SAN DIEGO over Miami (6)

Kristin: Miami (+6)

If Miami can hold it to four points against the Colts, I think they are a better team then people give them credit for. And, I like Miami despite stupid-face Pennington.

Pittsburgh over CINCINNATI (4)

Kristin: Cincinnati (+4)

I'm going to say Cincinnati because I forgot how much I love Ocho Cinco until I saw him jump into the stands after a touchdown in Green Bay last week. I know its disrespectful, but so is so much of all the hype and press surrounding the sport. As much as you can't actually respect the guy, you can laugh at the stunts he pulls. However, most of my love for Ocho Cinco comes from the desperate hope that one day the Skins will be allowed to do their touchdown dances again. Those dances are what made me first love watching football with my dad. Three hundred pound men doing back-flips and choreographed moves? What is not to love?

Denver over OAKLAND (1.5)

Kristin: Denver (-1.5)

I feel like this is a really hard game to call so I'm going to go Denver, a place I would want to visit over a place I wouldn't.

ARIZONA over Indianapolis (2.5)

Kristin: Indianapolis (+2.5)

After such a close game last week, I think the Colts rebound and trash the Cardinals.

DALLAS over Carolina (8.5)

Kristin: Dallas (-8.5)

Similar to my colts logic, after such an embarrassment last week, I think the Cowboys rebound and prove themselves this week. Further, this is a game no one is really going to watch passionately since everyone has already written Carolina off for the season, and those games (non-meaningful and not close) are the ones that Romo excels in.

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