Friday, September 11, 2009

Beeeeppppp.... Boop boop beeepppp....

Sorry for yet another delay, but because of how long it took me at the DMV today, tonight's regular entry will be posted a bit after 7 p.m. I'm guessing it'll be up more near 9 p.m., and it is a Tag Team with Danielle Membrino, who got to see the new Matt Damon movie, The Informant, at a sneak preview the other night.

Also on the schedule will be Storytime with Amanda Meyer on Saturday night, and a big NFL picks column with me, Bob and Bob's wife on Saturday morning. I was hoping to run that earlier this afternoon, but, well, screw the DMV. It will regularly run on Fridays during the season, though, followed by Bob's wife's picks on Saturday morning.

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