Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pickin' Pigskin: Week 3 Tally

Hey, who knew? I've strung together two solid weeks in a row! Last week's finish, with overall records in parentheses:

Kristin: 13-3 (29-19, 1st)
Steve: 12-4 (26-22, 3rd)
Bob: 11-5 (28-20, 2nd)

I'm now only three games behind the leader, which is nice. And, I had a feeling that Kristin was going to shame Bob and I in this contest. She's only up a single game now; we'll see if she can expand her lead in the weeks to come. Bob lost two games in the standings this week, which led to the flip-flop at top.

I did pick the Bengals game correctly though, which makes me very happy inside.

On the fantasy front, my team lost by a final of 109-95. It is somewhat ironic that we finally lost, even though this is our highest point total by about 20 this season. I needed 25 points from Felix Jones on Monday Night Football, and he finished a couple yards short of 100 (which kicks in a 5 point bonus) and several TDs. Stupid Cowboys.

Similarly, Ronnie Brown had about 50 years on the Dolphins opening drive, but then fumbled a TD at the goal line and only got about 25 yards the rest of the game. Moreno also finished 10 yards short of a 5-point bonus. Brady could have scored a lot more too, if he hadn't kept missing WRs. At least Reggie Wayne scored 23 points for me this week.

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