Sunday, September 12, 2010

A fall TV guide (with help from Carly Googles)

Hey, it's almost time for TV shows to get back on the air! :O It seems like just yesterday that they all ended in May. Where DOES the time go?

However, I'm psyched, since in just a few short weeks I will be able to devote massive amounts of my time (and this blog!) to new television. Some of these posts will take the place of The Baggage Game, which will disappoint some of you, but no doubt please Danielle and others who dislike it.

My friend Carly - and I can call her my friend, of course, because we're friends on Facebook - at Carly Googles already covered some of this ground. You can check out her awesome entry here. I'm going to focus on the shows I actually watch though, cribbing from her list and the Internet, like...

Archer - TBA 2011. The cartoon from Matt Reed, the guy who did Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo, was probably my favorite show from start to finish last year. The only bad thing was its short season length. I'm hoping they do a full 20-episode run this time, but since it is an FX show, I'm guessing that won't happen.

Community - Sept. 23 (Thurs.) Like the other NBC Thursday shows, we have another week to go for new episodes. SIGH. Given how the season ended, there are definitely a lot of different ways they can go with the start. It's definitely the tensest comedy from a character standpoint, given the minefield that awaits this year.

Family Guy - Sept. 26 (Sun.) I feel like each year, less and less of my friends watch. However, if you can accept that it's generally the same sort of formula for each episode, it's still pretty solid. Hey, it's only 22 minutes of your life, once you take away the commercials. There isn't enough funny in that short time to keep your interest? As "Funny" Dave Dameshek would say, SHAME!

Glee - Sept. 21 (Tues.) Sigh - It seems like so far away! Just one more week...

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Sept. 16 (Thurs.) This freakin' week! SCORE. I'm super excited.

Modern Family - Sept. 22 (Wed.) A week after Always Sunny, which seems appropriate to me. It's the best network sitcom going right now, even if I thought its last episode sucked. It really deserved all of the Emmys it won, though.

The Office - Sept. 23 (Thurs.) Much like Heroes last year, this is a make-or-break season of the show to me. If the first couple episodes are bad, I'm probably tapping out quickly. Even Dwight couldn't save some episodes last year, and he's normally the one go-to guy in terms of laughs.

Saturday Night Live - TBA (but if I had to guess, I'd say Sept. 25 or Oct. 2) This could be an interesting season, since they're (allegedly) replacing four or more cast members. Last season was pretty much sucky except for Betty White, which was surprising to me, because the previous year was pretty solid toward the end.

Shit My Dad Says - Sept. 23 (Thurs.) I really doubt that this show has any staying power. However, I'll at least give it a chance for a couple episodes. Shatner + Funny = Interest.

South Park - Oct. 6. Technically, this is a continuation of the season that began in March. I hate how South Park splits up their seasons into seven episode chunks, ugh. Just as you're getting into the show, it goes off the air for five months. It is still consistently 1) funny 2) socially relevant or 3) both.

The Venture Bros. - TONIGHT! My favorite cartoon on Adult Swim! I just wish they managed to produce more than an episode a month, seemingly. It is animated in an old school style that apparently takes effing forever. The wait is usually worth it, though.


I'm positive I forgot some shows, but this is what's on my radar for now.


  1. The South Park thing IS annoying...but I guess it means it lasts longer? Instead of watching fourteen eps all at once, we have to savor them, or something.

    I'm reluctant to admit I'm looking forward to the new Housewives shows! (New Atlanta season and Beverly Hills.)

  2. @ Sadako - I'd prefer if they went in a straight, 14-episode shot, because then it's also easier to know when you're done-done. You don't have to think, "Hm I wonder when the new season is," twice a year.

    And, shame for the love of the Housewives :( They're just so trashy that I can't get into them.

  3. I love Glee!!! I can't wait to see the 2nd season!!

  4. @ Gnetch - Ditto! I'm really, really hoping it doesn't become Heroes, which had one great season and then immediately flamed out.

  5. As much as I am reluctant to admit this, I got hooked into the new season of Vampire Diaries. If the rest of the season is as good as the first ten minutes of the season opener, it is going to be one fun, sexy and dramatic ride.

    Have a great week! xo The Empress

  6. I am so looking forward to Archer! I was surprised at how much I loved it. It was the one show I laughed so hard I peed a little! It's Always Sunny and Glee are on my list too! I went to see Glee when they were doing live concerts. It was awesome. I hope the long list of guest stars doesn't over power the characters and plot. We shall compare notes when the TV goodness starts!

  7. @ Empress - My roommate is into that show (she's a lady), but I've never watched an episode :/ I've never really been much into vampire stuff though, so that's my excuse.

  8. @ M, M and I - Archer was shockingly funny to me as well! I thought it would be a watered down version of Frisky Dingo, but instead, it was that concept, but dirtier, and H. Jon "Coach McGuirk" Benjamin has the greatest voice ever.

    I didn't see any of the Glee concerts. This is even cheesier, but I like it mostly for the plot and the characters :/ The singing is just gravy.

  9. Hey, I saw my name in the beginning. STOP TALKING ABOUT ME ON THE INTERNETZ.

    I am SOOOO excited for Glee. It's not happening soon enough. And I highly doubt the second season will suck. The previews look awesome. I can't think it will be bad! I refuse!
    I'm also excited for Modern Family - Manny's gonna get a girlfriend apparently.
    And SNL is starting in October, Jany Lynch is the first guest host [SO EXCITED] but they didn't have an exact date.

  10. @ Danielle - I'll talk about you if I want to, MEMBRINO.

    I think Glee will resist the fate of Heroes. I'm not so crazy about this news about Manny though - He's like 10 on the show. I'm single, so I don't need him showin' me up! Jane Lynch on Saturday Night Live should be AWESOME.

  11. I'm pretty much just looking forward to Supernatural and South Park. It would be Fringe on there too, but, uh, I'm kind of boycotting FOX still. They don't deserve my viewership and such... even though some of the shows on there are addictive like morphine.

    But, as usual, not excited about Glee and the frenzy it creates. I just don't see the show as a long-term investment any more.

  12. @ Christina - How can you have soured on Glee so much already? :( There have only been 20ish episodes. I don't think they've made any massive first season mistakes, a la Heroes or Flash Forward. Sure, things could go to hell pretty quick because of the nature of the show, but I think they've done a good job so far.


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