Monday, September 27, 2010

Family Guy gets real in season premiere.

I love me some Family Guy. Although I feel like it should be required watching if you live in Rhode Island, it's still funny if you don't. I can understand how others might get sick of the show and its somewhat formulaic humor, but hey, what else am I gonna watch? And as Peter Griffin would say, what do you want me to do, read a book? ... you go read a book.

Anyway, last night's episode was another experiment much like the bank vault from last season. There were echoes of both Clue (which I'm a big fan of) and Twelve Little Indians (which I'm also a big fan of) throughout, so not surprisingly, I liked the episode. And unlike a typical show, there were barely any "manatee jokes," as South Park would say. I counted about four in the entire episode.

The premise: All of Quahog is invited to a late night dinner at a mansion at the edge of town. Once there, Family Guy villain James Woods reveals himself, but proclaims to have turned over a new leaf. The guests are skeptical, and the plot thickets as Quagmire's (very, very ugly) date gets killed during dinner, while Woods is out of the room.

I won't spoil the rest of the episode, since I doubt most of you watched it. However, while I liked the first three-fourths of the episode, the final quarter really fell apart for a variety of reasons. The episode itself it still worth watching because of how different it is from a typical Family Guy, but don't expect any sort of magic at the end.

At least Adam West is awesome throughout. And yes, he is heavily featured, along with Carl the Video Store Clerk (H. Jon Benjamin) and the other popular side characters. They definitely have the funniest lines in the episode.


  1. I love Family Guy. Except for the episode where Peter buys the "Bird is the Word" album, and I only hate that one because I sing that song for WEEKS afterwards.

  2. @ Megs - heh, That episode was as effective on me as well. They just knew the absolutely perfect song to pick!

  3. I actually quite enjoyed the more subtle humor in the premiere Sunday. I was kind of shocked, and loved how you mentioned the "manatee jokes". Ah... South Park. I love me some South Park. I just hope they don't magically, you know, "revive" people just for the sake of consistency or whatever. If any of that made sense...

  4. @ Christina - I'm also hoping that they keep the people killed, although it'll suck that this is James Woods' last episode. (Then again, they could always do a flashback or time travel episode, are they are wont to do.) Except for Woods though, they didn't lose anyone significant - Muriel wasn't used much, and Quagmire's "girlfriend" was just around for this episode.

  5. I haven't seen a single episode of Family Guy. I don't know its time slot and even if I do, I still won't be able to watch it because I rarely have TV time.

    Ew, right? Haha.

  6. @ Gnetch - You poor soul :( It's on Sundays on FOX at 9, although it can fluctuate wildly because of NFL games. It is also on Hulu though, so you can catch episodes. If you're interested, I'd start with the older stuff, season two or three. It's like an R-rated version of The Simpsons.

  7. It's also on TBS almost every night at some point between the hours of 8-10 depending on the day. And then on adult swim from 11-12. It's a really hard show to miss haha.

  8. @ Danielle - True! It kind of is all over the schedule now on various networks. I think the issue is that she doesn't have regular TV access, it sounds like. To which I say, for shame, since TV and I are best buddies.


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