Tuesday, August 3, 2010

At The Commercials: Oh I get it, Sobe - It's about oral sex.

I'm not even sure if the double entendre of this commercial by SoBe was intended, since the video has since been taken down from their official YouTube channel. Maybe they figured, "It's probably best if we don't align our crappy drink with oral sex." (Sorry, I'm not a SoBe fan in general. I think it just costs more because of the cool bottles, since the juice doesn't taste any better than other drinks to me.)

However, one thing is for certain - SoBe sure does know how to cast "easy on the eyes" extras in their videos. If doesn't matter if you like black or red hair, or fake bright red anime style hair, or platinum blondes and girls with just one shoulder on their shirts - SoBe has got you covered with attractive coeds. And, judging from the video at the top, if creepy guys with mustaches is your thing, then you're all set as well.


  1. The double entendre just had to be intentional - especially with all the bottle fondling and the icky dude doing the tongue thing. Even so, I'm not any more inspired to go buy SoBe. For me it is SoBeNOT!


  2. @ Empress - Ohhh, nice! You one-upped their zing with your own pun. Good job! That's why you have a title and all that.

  3. Even more of a reason to hate the drink.

  4. @ Amanda - Indeed, indeed! ALL FAIL SOBE.

  5. There's no way that could have been unintentional, haha. Interesting that it was removed though - it had to have gone through so many people for approval - and no one foresaw any problems?

    Not that I think it's SO over-the-top horrendously offensive - but taking down the video draws more attention to it.

    I'm guessing Sobe's looking for a new ad agency. I suggest Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. :)

  6. @ Jen - I'm guessing that either a clever ad agent slipped it past SoBe's executives to get it on the air, or that they got a lot of complaints about the ad and decided to take it off YouTube. I actually first saw it on TV for a couple weeks before I hunted it down on YouTube, so I imagine they might have pulled those ads too.

    I agree that it's not REALLY gross; I mean, it's not like the Planters commercial with that fugly girl in them. But I still found them to be pretty crude and not really that interesting. Also, if you look at the other YouTube videos, it's clear they just spliced up an older ad campaign and took everyone out of context. (I'm wondering if maybe they got sued for libel by one of those people.)

    And also, I don't watch Mad Men :( I'm sorry! It's on my list of shows to get into, now that my obsession with The Wire is fulfilled.

  7. Oh, you need to start watching Mad Men! And Dexter, if you don't already.

    Steer clear from those baggage shows and start watching the good stuff, haha. :)

  8. @ Jen - But Baggage is so bad it's good, like the Power Glove from The Wizard! ;_;

  9. I just saw this commercial on TV like, two days ago, and I totally thought it was about oral sex.

  10. @ Sewing Pixie - I'm glad I'm not the only one with a dirty mind ;) But yeah, it's clear they're trying to reference oral sex in some fashion.


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